Putnam City Christian Church

4215 N. Grove Ave.
Warr Acres, OK 73122

No Creed But Christ

Revival 2015

Very Familiar People That We Don't Know

Putnam City Christian Church's REVIVAL 2015 is in the books! What a wonderful, re-charging event it was! Music was such an integral part of the four nights. Larry Darnell was our guest musician on Monday, and moved the crowd with his Hank Williams gospel numbers. Our Wednesday evening was blessed by the piano magic of Wally Brown. Each evening was kicked off with a free dinner (the ladies of PCCC went over and above feeding the masses).

What can be said about the Reverend Stanley Balch? Only that he combined accurate Biblical Teaching with what can only be described as brilliant Story-telling, to introduce us to a series of Biblical folks that we really don’t know. From the Rich Young Ruler, to theProdigal Son, to theWomen at the Well, to, finally, the Good Samaritan. Each sermon contained a lesson for us and a call to service. We left each evening incredibly blessed!